About Katy Sophia

Katy Sophia – Astrologer, Energy Healer, Transformational Coach

Do you dream of developing your Soul gifts to the fullest, attuning to your life’s purpose and being the greatness that you are? Do you wish you could find your way out of the Matrix, and lead a truly meaningful life, touching others and serving the new earth? And how about trusting in the universe that you are provided for every moment, with infinite abundance and joy?

I can help you to uncover your brilliance, life purpose, psychic abilities, and innate creativity. Using many tools ranging from astrology, energy medicine, spiritual life coaching and meditation, I can help clear barriers within you so that nothing looks the same. Your life reflects what is within you, and once you change your beliefs and feelings everything begins to transform.

I have trained in many modalities of divination, holistic healing and coaching. I’m qualified and experienced in Astrology, Theta Healing, Sacred Activations, Reiki Sekhem, Meditation and Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Life Coaching, and Holistic Therapies.

I believe we all have deep knowledge of life within us, and we seek guidance until we become strong in our own truth and flow. This is what I seek to bring out in my clients.

Katy Sophia founded Soul Radiance for the awakened, empowered woman – and man! She offers a range of services centred on transformation and soul alchemy, allowing your Light to shine with the beauty and power of your soul.

Soul Radiance offers transformational retreats at sacred sites around the planet, allowing groups to come together at power places on Mother Gaia, facilitating a shift in consciousness on the individual, soul and collective levels. This assists the awakening and ascension of our planet.

Training and Qualifications

Astrologer (London School of Astrology)

Usui Reiki & Seichem Master Teacher (RASA)

All Love Sekhem Practitioner

Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner /Instructor

Sacred Activations Mastering the Masters Practitioner

Akashic Records Practitioner

Crystal Healing Therapist

Initiated Channel of Celestial Resonance

Angel & Tarot Reader

Holistic Aromatherapist

Personal Development /Life Coach

Red Tent Facilitator

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