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Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing combines the beautiful frequencies of energy healing with the healing power of crystals.  After an  in-depth consultation you will lay down fully clothed on the healing couch, and I will place crystals on your body at appropriate points, such as chakra points, that are relevant to your healing session.  I will choose the crystals according to their colours and properties, and how they will affect the specific chakra or location.

Give yourself the gift of a Crystal Healing session for relaxation, destressing, rejuvenating, energising, chakra balancing and harmonising your auric field, or dealing with specific imbalances

Crystals can be placed on the body for chakra healing, as their colours and vibrations can affect the frequency of the human energy field.  We are electro-magnetic beings, and we are blessed to be able to work with crystals to harmonise our vibrations and dissolve energy blockages.  Certain crystals resonate with specific chakras. The 12 chakra system which has high vibration colours such as white for the Heart, royal blue for the Throat and magenta for the Soul Star.  I work with a Crystal Wand, Reiki Seichem energies and Angelic frequencies to assist your healing process.