Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine



Energy Medicine

Everything is energy. Everything vibrates, everything moves.

Nothing is solid; science agrees that our world and everything in it is made up of atoms, electrons, and quantum particles which are also waves.

The teachings of Tibet and other ancient cultures describe the foundations of matter as Light and Sound.

This is the reason why tones and mantras are so powerful.

In meditation we begin to experience light and sound, first by visualising and toning. Then they eventually come spontaneously. Healing rays come directly from God, the Source, the Divine.

Energy Medicine and Vibrational Healing affect the pure essence of who and what we are. Like a tuning fork, when we resonate to a harmonious frequency, all that is disharmonious in our energy field dissolves, or simply shifts.

We have a physical body, an emotional body, a mental body, and a spiritual body. These bodies are all connected, existing as different layers of density. 

We carry trauma from past experiences in the cells of our physical body, emotional pain in the emotional body, and a network of belief systems in the mental body designed to protect us.

Our spiritual bodies also can become blocked, stagnant and congested. We operate as a dynamic whole, so ideally our energies should flow smoothly with no restrictions.

Energy Healing

The beauty of Energy Healing is that it can release and transform what you have held onto for years, maybe your whole life.

Thought patterns and belief systems can be cleared and upgraded, frequencies raised, and trauma released from your cells.

This improves your health, happiness and abundance beyond measure.

Katy is trained in different forms of energy healing and meditation, and works holistically with each individual for the highest and best at this precise moment in time.

As an astrologer, she knows that the time you come for healing is your perfect Divine Timing.

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