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Goddess Retreat Glastonbury

Healing the Divine Feminine in Avalon

Come to the place of the Red and White Springs to heal and empower your Divine feminine essence, coming into balance with the Divine masculine. Through the element of water, and the healing springs, we will cleanse and purify our emotional and spiritual bodies. 

Working with the Lady of Avalon, Brigid, Isis and Mary Magdalene, there will be daily meditations, chakra healing, chanting, sound baths, and sister circles to support you on your journey. 

Staying in a peaceful retreat centre within easy reach of the sacred sites, we will travel to the surrounding areas and connect with the sacred landscape of Avalon. We will ascend Glastonbury Tor and align our chakras with the powerful energies here. 

Our group will spend time in the Chalice Well gardens, taking the water of the Red Spring, bathing our feet in the healing pool, and meditating at the Well Head. We are blessed to enjoy private access in the temple of the White Spring, bathing in the pure waters that flow from the Tor, and taking the masculine and feminine elixirs. 

A highlight of the trip is an early morning visit to Stonehenge, for private ceremony at sunrise. Here we give honour to the Divine Masculine and send out healing. We will spend the rest of the day in Avebury, connecting with the peaceful feminine energies of these ancient stone circles, giving honour to Mother Gaia, and finding sacred balance. 

During the retreat we will visit Glastonbury Abbey, home to the site of the grave of King Arthur, meditating where the Michael and Mary ley lines meet. Our group will also enjoy a private ceremony at the Goddess Temple, with a meditative sound bath, while being welcomed to Avalon by the temple priestess.

  • Five days four nights in Avalon all inclusive
  • Dates TBA 2020
  • Retreat house accommodation based on 2-3 sharing
  • Fresh organic veg /vegan catering
  • Meditations, activations, sister circles 
  • Workshop on Healing the Divine Feminine
  • Visits to sacred sites
  • Chakra walk on Glastonbury Tor
  • Chalice Well Gardens Red Spring
  • Glastonbury Abbey
  • Wearyall Hill & Bride’s Mound
  • Avebury Stones 
  • Private access to Stonehenge
  • Private access to the White Spring
  • Private ceremony in the Goddess Temple

Retreat price £777 all inclusive

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Katy Sophia – Retreat Facilitator

Katy is a groupleader and transformational facilitator who loves  holding spiritual retreats at powerful vortexes around the world. With 20 years experience in the field of health and healing, meditation, divination, coaching, transformational group work and alchemical practices, she loves to gently guide people to that place of inner knowing. She finds the synergy and synchronicity of groups magical and inspiring. 

​Katy has led retreats in Egypt, Glastonbury, and Portugal; she runs womens’ circles and Red Tents in London; and she teaches energy healing and self-empowerment. A trained astrologer, energy healer and coach, she combines multi-faceted sacred knowledge to empower and transform.

Our Accommodation

Our group will be staying in the Daisy Centre, a beautiful and tranquil retreat centre in the heart of Glastonbury. The rooms are spacious, white and pristine, with visionary artwork adorning the walls, and large crystals raising the vibrations. The rooms are based on two or three sharing, and we have a communal lounge, kitchen, dining room, beautiful gardens and our own meditation room. The retreat includes food, veg /veganbreakfast and fresh organic lovingly prepared dinner at the retreat centre, with a few lunches out in Glastonbury where there are many delicious cafes, restaurants and buffets to suit all tastes.

Healing the Divine Feminine – a workshop with Katy Sophia 

As women, we carry the collective wounds of the divine feminine in the throat chakra, where we have been suppressed from speaking our truth and being our authentic selves. We also carry personal and collective wounding in the sacral chakra, and of course the heart. This workshop includes guided meditations to open and heal the chakras from past trauma, in this life, past lives, your ancestral line, and also the collective.

We will work with Mary Magdalene, Brigid, Morgana, Isis, and the Lady of Avalon to heal ourselves and create ripples of healing into the collective for all our sisters. All of our excursions are a continuation of this work, when we visit the Red and White springs to take the waters, bathe and anoint ourselves as we cleanse our vibrations. Connecting with the sacred lanscape of Avalon, and being welcomed into the Goddess Temple to meet the Lady of Avalon. We embrace the divine feminine while at the same time healing and balancing the divine masculine within us, and sending out prayers from stone circles and sacred energy points in Stonehenge and Avebury. 

Connecting to the Goddess in this way, and doing this work will enable you to heal and move forward in your life, finding true balance and healing your relationships as you learn to ignite the twin flame within.