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My Journey

Katy Sophia

Astrologer, Energy Healer, Ascension Coach

We live in exciting times. Many more people are waking up than ever before. Awakening to the beauty and power of your own light can be challenging, beautiful, peaceful, alienating and scary. Awakening to the world and the games being played on many levels, can make you angry, sad, depressed, afraid or simply not want to go on. It takes time to integrate these new levels of being and awareness. There are times you may want to reach out to a guide or facilitator, because we are all here to help each other, and sometimes we need assistance in our process of evolution and ascension. 

I knew there was more to life for as long as I can remember. I was naturally awakened to the mysteries of life, and in my teenage years I studied astrology, tarot, numerology and metaphysics; my journey led me through psychic circles, Indigenous wisdom, and teachings of all kinds from Indian Mysticism to Angels, from Zen to Dzogchen. I was seeking the knowledge my soul craved, while travelling India and living in an ashram; learning with Indian and Tibetan masters; and participating in Shamanic camps in England, Wales and Canada. Like many souls awakening now, I sought knowledge wherever I could find it, from many different teachers. I was putting together the pieces of my soul and remembering my gifts. 

After training in holistic healing, energy medicine, coaching and astrology, I travelled to Egypt and received activations in the Great Pyramid of Giza and sacred temples. I realised that I wanted to bring people together, holding retreats at sacred sites around the world, connecting to the power of the Ley lines and Earth chakras. I have never stopped learning as much as I can about the human energy field and this beautiful planet. I am a writer, poet, artist and singer, as well as a holistic healer, astrologer and guide. 

I work with Ascension Astrology, high frequency energy techniques, and the 13 chakra system which brings us fully into 5D.

I specialise in helping you to clear away anything that limits you so you can reveal the radiance of who you truly are.  When there is nothing hindering you there is no limit to who you can be, and what you can achieve.  You find soul alignment and become truly powerful.  I work with the tools of astrology, energy healing, guided meditation and coaching in one to one sessions; I also run groups, courses and retreats. I love group process, and working with sacred cycles, astrological portals and sacred sites. 

My aim is to shine a light so that you can unfold your wings; your Soul knows the way; you are meant for greatness and the cage of the mind is illusory. Allow yourself to experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing, manifestation, meditation and true Soul alignment