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2021 – Your Personal Forecast


Your personal forecast for 2021

Your natal chart and transits for 2021 will be drawn up and interpreted for all areas of your life. How is next year looking for you? What are your dreams and plans? You may be feeling unsure and insecure about many things. The planets will guide you according to their influence, so that you can focus on the right path and play to your strengths. What opportunities does life have in store for you, and how can you make the most of them?

A transit report is amazing for clarifying why the same issues keep returning, and what the cosmos is asking you to work on right now. What energy blocks need to be released? Which cycle are you in when it comes to relationships? How about your health and fitness regime, daily work, family and friends?  What about career opportunites, new projects or collaborations? Will you travel? What is the highest path and timeline for you to follow next year?

The session is a one to one consultation so you can ask questions, and everything will be explained with energetic sensitivity and direct channelling.

Sessions are booked via Zoom and last 75 – 90 minutes.

Gift vouchers are available on request – this is a very popular and thoughtful gift for a loved one!

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