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Reiki Seichem 2


Practitioner level training – pre-requisite Reiki Seichem 1

You will receive the Reiki & Seichem 2 attunement which increases the power of the healing frequencies you can work with

You will be given many healing symbols for physical, mental and emotional healing, Heart healing, past life /karmic healing, grounding, abundance and distance healing, and shown techniques for working with them

You will also receive the Yod initiation which connects you with your Egyptian spirit guides

You will practise giving and receiving treatments with these high frequency tools

This course is one day if you have already taken Reiki Seichem 1

If you would like to take Reiki Seichem 1 & 2 together, it is a 2 day course

Once purchased, you will receive an email and your dates will be scheduled in.

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