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Retreats Reviews

“Thank you so much for the most amazing time in Glastonbury and the Isle of Avalon, I could never imagine being introduced to it in any other way – perfect, just perfect. 

I have done some of the most amazingly deep and healing work for myself, our Ancestors, the Land, the Universe, our Sisters and our Brothers. 

I am filled with love and gratitude for the experience

Namaste Sister xxx”

Rachel Cross, Holistic Therapist /Yoga Instructor

Goddess Retreat Glastonbury July 2018

Goddess Retreat Glastonbury July 2018

“Last year I did this retreat it was without a doubt the best retreat I’ve ever done. Katy is a beautiful soul and I got to meet a fabulous group of women and also had the opportunity to visit sacred sites and do ceremonies with them. A very special retreat I will remember in my heart. Eternally grateful 💖”

Susanne Mary, Healer

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Soul Healing in Avalon, June 2017

​”Thank you to Katy Sophia for a beautiful retreat in Glastonbury that was both challenging, healing and peaceful, to all the beautiful people I shared it with, also thank you for allowing me to share my sound work, which I feel was the most deep and powerful ever the energies were off the wall.

Feeling a great shift in moving forward embracing my own magnificence.”

Maria Love, Sound Healer

Divine Feminine in Egypt 2018

​”Wonderful weekend with beautiful gifts that I will cherish throughout my life journey. Great experience, I enjoyed every moment.

The retreat house was extra special with the views, so captivating.  I loved the walks in the country, visits in the local area, the activations in the field where we sat in a circle felt very special, the connection with nature and activations words can’t describe was truly amazing.

A deeply empowering place that… blasted my heart wide open

“It is hard to put into words what I experienced on my journey to Egypt with Katy and our incredible group of women.  First off I had no desire to go to Egypt but it kept calling me and showing up in my world so I began my search for a retreat.  I knew that If I went it had to be a spiritual retreat that went beyond the surface level of the traditional tours. 

When I came across Katy’s website and read the incredible intinerary I immediately knew I had found my retreat.   Egypt was so much more than I could have ever imagined. It is a deeply empowering place that has awakened caged up power within me, and blasted my heart wide open.  It gave me the courage to release the things and people in my life that were safe and comfortable allowing me the space to grow beyond my fears, and false limitations.   It was the perfect way to end a year of self work.  I am new blank canvas ready to paint my masterpiece.
So if you are ready for transformation and Egypt has been calling you I highly suggest Katy and her retreat. 
I am forever grateful to Egypt and most of all the beautiful soul sisters I gained on this journey.”

Amanda Beisel, Skincare Specialist

Divine Feminine in Egypt 2018

​Experiencing the Goddess on that level changes you forever

“There is no other place on Earth like Egypt! Visiting its extraordinary sites which still hold the ancient high vibrational energy is absolutely transformational.
It has been my dream since I was in my teens and joining Katy Sophia’s retreat made my dream come true.
The immersion in the ancient sacredness of the temples has been very profound for me and all of us collectively. I didn’t feel like a tourist visiting another country but like a priestess returning home to the temple. It was an empowering process that clarified my connection with Egypt. Experiencing the Goddess on that level changes you forever. I came home to myself, the anxiety has dissipated, the fears burned away and my Soul surrendered and melted into the waters of the Nile, from where everything germinates and is born anew.
What was truly special about this trip was the relaxed pace Katy Sophia created with plenty of space of time for all of us to be in the temples and sites we visited. This was very important for me as I couldn’t have been rushed while living such a profound connection felt on a cellular and vibrational level.
All my needs were met. Katy made sure we were all happy and the organization of the trip was exceptional and more than I imagined it would be. Having as a guide the guardian of the Karnak temple added to the learning experience and the sacrality of the visit as his knowledge comes from the ancient Mysteries School and he explained to us the iconographic representation on a deeper level.
We saw things of a breathtaking beauty, we meditated in the most beautiful sites and we sailed in the most magical river in the world.
I will be forever grateful to Katy for making this trip possible for me and if I had done it by myself I wouldn’t have had the blessing of all this trip offered including very special new friendships.
Thank you Katy Sophia, LOVE YOU! ❤🙏

Nailah Veronica Massa, Holistic Therapist

Soul Alchemy in Egypt October 2017

Excellent ***** Five Stars
“The itinerary and organisation were excellent.  The accommodation was very comfortable & all well appointed.  We loved overlooking Great Pyramid!  Our Egyptologist Guides were exceptional – as well as being extremely knowledgeable & delightful people they were also very helpful & took care of any issue in the background.  

The Private Access visits were very special & made the trip for me.  Not sure I can (say what I enjoyed most) as I loved the whole ‘journey’…  JUST LOVED the whole experience!  There was just the right amount of ‘guiding’ and time to enjoy on our own… not over organised which I liked.  Thanks Katy 🙂 A trip of a lifetime!”

Lyra Crawford, Sound Healer

Healing Waters of Avalon, June 2015

The experience at the Chalice Well was beautiful, having the time to wander the grounds and be at one with the gifts offered.”

Mandy Hare, Consultant