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sacred oils 2021

Egyptian Oils & Perfume – Healing Remedies – Chakra Oils

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Sophia Sacred Essence Aura Sprays

Katy has created a range of Vibrational Essence sprays handmade with pure essential oils, crystals and Chalice Well water to cleanse your aura and environment, & raise your vibrations. Each bottle contains a unique blend of at least nine different essential oils, invoking the energy of the divine being or neter, chakra or zodiac sign that was channelled. Vibrational essences assist with meditation, healing, channelling and psychic readings. Use them to cleanse your space for yoga, therapy sessions, or simply to clear the energies and cleanse your fields.

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Sophia Egyptian Chakra Oils

Egyptian Chakra oil sets are coming soon for mail order. These are the same oils the Ancient Egyptians used to anoint their chakras in sacred ceremony. The alabaster tablet shown below was found and decipered:

  • Base chakra: Red Amber
  • Sacral chakra: Musk
  • Solar plexus: Jasmine
  • Heart chakra: Rose
  • Throat chakra: Amber Kashmir
  • Third eye: Sandalwood
  • Crown chakra: Lotus
Egyptian oil stone.png

Sophia Healing – Perfume Bazaar

Luxor, Egypt

Contact: Katy Sophia & Mahmoud Sasha           +44 (0) 7538 722295