Theta Healing

Theta Healing

The Theta Healing Technique

ThetaHealing® is a groundbreaking energy healing modality enabling physical, spiritual and emotional healing.  

During a session you will receive unconditional love healing;  

Release negative thought programmes and allow them to be replaced with life-enhancing ones;

Receive positive life-affirming feelings downloaded from the Source; and experience a DNA activation and many other consciousness shifting techniques.

ThetaHealing helps to bring your conscious and subconscious mind into alignment so that you can move forward, no longer dragged down by unseen inner obstacles.



Theta Healing Can Help

ThetaHealing® can help by clearing negative beliefs and patterns that stop you from moving forward.

It allows you to know what it feels like to succeed, find love, and be empowered – whatever you desire.

Once you clear the past, you become fully awake to the possibilities of the present moment, and you are able to vision and create the life your truly want.

Improve all your relationships

Clear issues related to succeeding

Change social and friendship issues

Attract your most compatible Soul Mate

Bring more success and abundance into your life

Develop your creativity and innate gifts

Connect with your Soul and your Divine Timing

Receive accurate guidance for every step of your journey

Experience deep healing from childhood issues

Clear recurring patterns once and for all

If You Truly Desire Change

If you truly desire change and you would like to remove unconscious restrictions from this life, past lives, your ancestral heritage and more, then ThetaHealing is for you.

What Does A Session Involve

We will start by discussing the issue you would like to work on.

Through a process of gentle muscle testing, I will help you to identify what your subconscious blocks are and go into a deep state of Theta where these limitations can be transformed once and for all.

The Theta Brainwave is a state of deep relaxation and meditation, usually only accessed during sleep.

I will take you through a beautiful guided meditation to enter the state of Theta, where all things are possible and you can align with your Soul Path.

We will clear limiting beliefs, download postive feelings from the Source, and I will work intuitively in the highest and best way for what you most need at the time.

The whole process is gentle and supportive and I provide a safe, nurturing space for you to unfold the magnificence of your being.

We can work on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual issues and find the links between them.

You can work on anything at all – in Theta, the Creator does the healing, and I am just the witness. During the session I may communicate with your Guardian Angels, Ancestors, and Spirit Guides.

It is possible to clear things once and for all so you are free to be yourself and be happy.

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