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I offer one to one astrological consultations and writings on the current ascension energies. Understanding astrology is one of the keys to ascension. We live our lives within cosmic cycles, great and small. Self-knowledge enables you to transform yourself, and align with your purpose so that you can be of the highest service to others. 

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Astrology works well alongside energy clearing and upgrades, meditation, chakra healing, crystals and sacred oils. I will advise you on your natal chart and transits, healing remedies, and answer any questions you may have. I offer guidance on life purpose, work and career; family, origins and past lives; love relationships and twin flame guidance; and key transits and stages of your life. 

Knowledge of your Birth Chart can liberate you on the path of ascension, providing an accurate map of your Soul intentions for this life. The chart reveals information on every aspect of your life, including past life karma and destiny. It can help you to understand why certain patterns are recurring, while  highlighting your spiritual power and the keys to unlock your  potential.

Katy Sophia has been a student of Astrology since her teenage years. Initially self-taught, she went on to complete her professional diploma with the London School of Astrology, studying with Frank Clifford and other top astrologers. She follows a spiritual evolutionary approach, utilitising astrology as a tool for ascension. Katy writes a regular blog for Soul Radiance, and offers private consultations, talks and retreats. She loves the depth of knowledge that the chart reveals, how it can help you to  connect to yourself and gain precious insights that can change your life for the better. Our true potential is unlimited, and divine guidance is available if you ask.